Roswell Town Square

Roswell Town Square was built in 1839 as part of the original design of the town envisioned by founder Roswell King. The bandstand was added in 1905 on the occasion of President Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to his mother’s girlhood home. Today, the square is the site of art shows and other festivals and events, including weddings. During the Civil War occupation of Roswell, 400 mill operatives, mainly women and children were charged with treason and held overnight under guard in the Town Square until they could be sent by wagons to Marietta and transported by train to the north. General Sherman’s orders were, “I repeat my orders that you arrest all people, male and female, connected with those factories, no matter what the clamor, and let them foot it, under guard, to Marietta, whence I will send them by cars to the North.”