DK Gallery

In the heart of downtown Marietta, dk Gallery is a trendsetter among Metro Atlanta art galleries. Generating excitement with their dynamic show openings and powerful, yet accessible contemporary art, the gallery is expanding the boundaries of the new Atlanta art scene.
dk Gallery features a stable of over 35 emerging and established contemporary artists of every genre. “Fresh” is a term that owner Donna Krueger uses to describe the overall aesthetic this blend of artists delivers. Monthly themed shows create opportunities for dk’s regular artists to experiment with subject matter and allow for the introduction of guest artists. The resulting experience expands the creative scope of the shows while informing and challenging patrons with new ideas.
Housed in a beautifully updated, 1800s storefront directly on the Marietta Square, patrons enjoy a unique vibe that combines a modern feel with exposed brick detail. The charming location on a nationally recognized American Town Square provides an “urban light” setting for your shopping experience. The dynamic staff is approachable and ready to assist returning collectors, as well as first-time buyers–individual and corporate clients.