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2. 🎨 Roswell Museum and Art Center

Home to an impressive collection of Southwestern art and artifacts, the Roswell Museum and Art Center is perfect for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

3. 🌊 Bottomless Lakes State Park

Just a short drive from Roswell, Bottomless Lakes State Park boasts stunning natural scenery and crystal-clear lakes ideal for swimming, kayaking, and picnicking.

4. 🐾 Spring River Park and Zoo

This charming park and zoo feature a variety of animal exhibits, a miniature train 🚂, and beautiful walking trails – perfect for a family day out.

5. ✈️ Walker Aviation Museum

Walker Aviation Museum Located at the Roswell International Air Center, this museum offers a deep dive into the history of military aviation, particularly focusing on the Cold War era.

6. 🖼️ Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

Featuring works from the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program, the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art showcases a diverse range of modern artworks.

7. 🦆 Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge0 A haven for bird watchers, Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge is home to hundreds of species of birds, as well as other wildlife. It’s an excellent spot for photography 📸 and nature walks.

8. 🍷 Pecos Flavors Winery

Sample some of New Mexico’s finest wines at Pecos Flavors Winery, which also offers a selection of local craft beers and delicious food pairings.

9. 👽 Alien Zone

For a quirky and fun experience, visit Alien Zone, where you can enjoy themed photo ops 📷, a gift shop, and even an alien-themed play area.

10. 📜 Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico

Learn about the rich history of Southeast New Mexico through fascinating exhibits and archives at this historical center.

More Amazing Places to Explore

  • 🌌 Roswell UFO Spacewalk
  • 🌳 Cahoon Park
  • 🪖 General Douglas L. McBride Military Museum
  • 🛍️ Roswell Antiques Mall
  • 🥏 Enchanted Lands Disc Golf Course
  • 🛒 McGaffey Street Market
  • 🖼️ The Gallery – Main Street Arts
  • 🏛️ J.P. White Building
  • 🏤 Old Post Office
  • 🍽️ Tinnie Silver Dollar
  • 🔭 Goddard Planetarium
  • 🏺 Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico Museum
  • 🏰 Cahoon Armory
  • 🎭 Roswell Community Little Theatre
  • ⚖️ Chaves County Courthouse
  • 🚀 UFO Spacewalk
  • 🌸 Hondo Iris Farm and Gallery
  • 🏜️ Mescalero Sands North Dune OHV Area
  • 🏃 The Roswell Runners’ Club
  • 🐦 Bird Sanctuary and Nature Center
Roswell’s blend of cultural landmarks, historical sites, and natural beauty ensures something for everyone. Whether you’re planning your first visit or returning for more, these top 30 places provide an excellent starting point for an unforgettable Roswell adventure. Check out Tripadvisor, Planetware, and for more detailed reviews and travel insights. For an even deeper dive into what Roswell offers, visit our website at Experience Avacay.